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Mission Statement

Bikers for Life is an outreach of Life Dynamics Incorporated in Denton, Texas.  The Life Dynamics position is that no action should be legally permissible if its intent is to take the life of an innocent human being.  In recognition that human life begins at fertilization, every unborn child is entitled to have his or her life protected by law under all circumstances and at every stage of development.


In those extraordinarily rare instances in which a woman’s pregnancy poses an immediate and life-threatening risk to her physical life, she should be allowed to direct her physician to perform any medical procedure that is necessary to save her.  In that effort, however, the physician must always do everything that is possible to save both mother and child.  If as an unintended consequence of that process, either of them does not survive, that should be treated as a regrettable but lawful outcome.


On the day Bikers for Life was launched, more than 55,000,000 defenseless children had already been legally killed in American abortion clinics, with more than 3000 additional victims being added every single day.


At Bikers for Life, we believe that God intended for America to be a better nation than that.  In this spirit, we commit ourselves to the non-violent defense of the unborn and their mothers through the eradication of legalized abortion.  It is a victory we will pursue with complete resolve and without compromise or apology.


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