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When people make a commitment to defend the unborn and their moms against the horrors of abortion, it is crucial for them to identify that place in the pro-life movement where they are most needed and can be the most effective.


In the battle to protect the unborn and their moms against the horrors of abortion, silence is not golden. The truth is that every voice is needed because every voice can make a difference – including yours.


Right now, we are assembling a nationwide database of bikers who want to end the tragedy of legalized abortion and transform America back into a nation that respects the life of every child. If you want to become a part of this exciting campaign, we are asking you to commit to do three simple things.



It’s easy and cheap. For details, just click on the JOIN TODAY button on the home page of this website.



With your Lifetime Membership, you will receive an official Bikers for Life pin, patch and bracelet plus a sheet of Bikers for Life stickers. Put them to work every chance you get. There are also t-shirts available and more products are planned for the future.



Help spread the Bikers for Life message. Tell all your brothers and sisters at church and in the local biker community. Give them a Bikers for Life flyer and encourage them to join. These flyers are also perfect for handing out at rallies and motorcycle shows or any other event where bikers might be found. We also ask that you network with the motorcycle clubs in your area and make sure that they are aware of Bikers for Life. And, of course, don’t forget to make your presence felt on the internet and on social media.


Be aware that, in the future, other opportunities to serve will come along. For example, one thing we are considering is organizing a ride across America in solidarity with the unborn. This would probably generate a lot of publicity and show the country that the biker community is fully committed to this cause. This project is only in its formative stages and we are, tentatively, looking at the summer of 2015. There is also the possibility of this becoming an annual event. We will keep you posted as things progress.


We will also keep you informed about developments in the overall pro-life effort as well as with Bikers for Life. In the mean time, welcome aboard.

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